Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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The truth is that many people who get involved with a home based business never make any substantial profits. 

  1. The amount of income are too small per sale to make any exciting profits. If you only make $25-$50 per sale it would take hundreds of sales and a lot of time to make any real substantial money. This is a huge problem that the average home based business owner faces. The big attraction of course in the holy grail of residual streams of income, but they never tell you that you have to recruit and enroll two thousand sales to do it

2.Most company compensation plans are pretty weak. They are slanted toward the company instead of the representative. They aren’t designed to enable you to get rich. Instead they are designed to make the company the largest amount of profits in the shortest amount of time without much regard for the little 
guy (or gal).

3.If you’ve tried to make money with MLM programs you already understand how they work. You have to agree to go on autoship and purchase products on a monthly basis. The industry term for this is forced product consumption. Think about it… the company is guaranteed to sell product whether reps make any money or not. This is a great deal for the company but as far as you’re concerned… not so much.
“If you want to get rich, STOP falling for the MLM "residual income" HYPE!” 

The MLM business model relies very heavily on people who are too blinded by the potential to receive lifetime residual income to realize what is really happening.
  1. The Answer and Solution: Its a concept called B.U.PR.I 

And it's going to play a major role in the home based business industry in the decade to come.

B.U.P.R.I. is not a company or product of any kind. It's an answer. A solution to tiny checks and failed home based business owners as well as helping the new home based business owner make bigger money... fast. It will allow you to put thousands of dollars of cash into your pocket in weeks... Not years. But the best part about B.U.P.R.I. is that you won't have to sell or recruit hundreds of people to do it!

B.U.P.R.I. stands for: "BIG UP-FRONT PROFITS AND RESIDUAL INCOME", which is a concept that summarizes the growing change of focus in the home based industry from just the promise of long-term residual income, to immediate, large, leveraged income.

The Premise Of B.U.P.R.I. Is Simple:


One thing that sadly stops many from ever achieving MASSIVE success (but it really doesn’t have to). It’s called FEAR and if you allow it to consume your thoughts and hold you back it will!
FEAR stops more people from becoming affluent yet alone millionaires... than anything else.
Some people believe they can’t market High Ticket offers because of that dark, ugly beast called…THE ECONOMY! They think people just don't have the money like they use to to spend on Big Ticket offers when just the opposite is true!
The truth is that each day huge amounts of money are being spent on High Tickets offers.
Because more people have been holding on to their money trying to figure out what to do with it! Their stocks, IRA and 401k's are miserable and NOT making them any real money anymore and their looking for a place to put it!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Developing Online Credibility.

© Charlie Page

The Internet has changed the way the world does business. Today you can sell goods and services to people across the world as easily as if they were across the street. Taking advantage of automation means we can take orders, deliver products, and be paid all while we sleep.

While the Internet offers business people many tools, perhaps the most important is the ability to communicate quickly and easily. While this ability offers huge advantages, it carries some dangers as well.

People like to buy from people they trust. Since the Web limits us primarily to the written word, how we use those words will either build up or tear down our credibility.

Without a voice for our customers and prospects to hear, or a face to show expression, how can we make sure that what we intend to say is what is heard?

Below are five keys to building credibility in your written communications.

1. Avoid misspellings. In today's world this should be obvious. Yet, look at your in coming email for the next few days. You may be surprised. Use your spell checker but don't trust it completely. No spell checker I know of will pick up the mistake when you innocently type "there" instead of "their".

2. Avoid using slang. Remember, the Internet is global. An innocent comment in America may be a massive insult in Sri Lanka. Plus, slang is often specific to one country, or even a region of a country, which means your overseas readers won't understand the point you are making.

3. Send all marketing email to yourself first. If possible, look at email sales letters in several email programs. Be sure to include AOL among them if possible, since their email viewer is different than any other. Also be sure to click every link in your outgoing marketing email. Few things are more embarrassing, and bad for business, than an order link that doesn't work.

4. Use proper case and punctuation. Many emails only contain words in lowercase letters. Always remember that all caps is universally understood as shouting. Use bold or italic for emphasis instead. If you are using plain text email, use *stars* or $dollar signs$ for emphasis.

5. Think before you strike. Email makes it so easy, in the heat of the moment, to dash off that oh-so-snappy reply. If you reply in anger, leave the message in your "drafts" folder for 24 hours. Look at it after you have calmed down. Then decide whether or not to send it.

The immediacy of the Internet, especially email, lets us hold conversations in fragments. That may be okay if it's an old college friend. However, in business communications, we must sound our best. Take an extra minute to polish up your email and sound like the pro you are.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Would like to read your thoughts on this subject.


Unlike many on FB who have a large FB friends list I prefer having a managable list that I can keep a regular one on one contact with to build a lasting relationships of trust and brand myself as being someone who can offer 
helpful information. 

like myself most people have their own programs and are just looking for information on how to generate more traffic to their offers.
There are those who claim to be entreprenier mentor's yet they will spam you by sending their biz link in a message, or post it on your page.
If I were looking for a biz opportunity I would prefer to do a search of my FB friends page whom I have built a relationship with..
From time to time........I post my offers on my own page along with other information that tells the reader my other interests...My profile info says it all.

" Success? Don't you know, it is all about being able to extend love to people? Not in a big, capital letter sense, but in the everyday sense, little by little, task by task, gesture by gesture, word by word."
Everything in life is about...Live love and be happy.